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Krystal Hall is the Founder of Krys Stylez, providing personal styling and interior design services that help and cater to all people no matter their shape, size, gender, style preference, culture or ethnic background, living space, location or any other differences. Krystal’s unique fashion sense is known to keep those looking good among the campus of North Carolina A&T State University (where she is now a proud alumna!) and within the entire Greensboro, NC area. Now that she’s evolving, she’s able to style people all over the world!


After attending college her first year and finding herself in a financial rut (like most broke college students) she decided that she would turn her passion for fashion into a hustle. Coming from the small town of Gatesville, North Carolina, she knew all about hustling because she never wanted to go back somewhere so inadequate. Not knowing that her passion would eventually turn into a business, Krys Stylez finally launched in May 2018.


Utilizing her skills of being a great brand ambassador, content creator, social media influencer and growing YouTuber, Krystal has branded herself well and has worked very hard to make sure Krys Stylez is great for clients and viewers like you!


With all of that being said -- Welcome! Make yourself at home! If you want to chat more, make sure to leave a message for us under the messages tab!

Welcome to Krys Stylez!

This website was originally dedicated mostly to the curvy and plus size women who love fashion and accessorizing just as much as we do. Now, it's also for those who may need fashion guidance... help decorating their living space... and love to read blog posts... Well, let's just say this website is for everyone! We are not biased on whoever comes across this site!

From curating the best fashion looks to offering affordable styling and interior design services. We are here for YOU! Feel free to browse and ask any questions about our site!

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