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3 Benefits of Batch Creating Content

Happy New Year, gworls! It’s been a minute since I’ve written an article… Literally! But, I’m starting 2022 on a new leaf and I want to share more fashion tips, plus-size style guidance, content creation hacks and more with you all!

Before we get started, content batching is a productivity technique where you create all of your captions or visual content during a set period of time. For example, instead of spending an hour planning, creating, and publishing one Instagram post, you'll spend that hour writing or “batching” an entire week of captions and Instagram posts.

Now that you know what content batching is, let’s get right to it!

1. Batch Creating Saves Time

Batch creating is perfect if you’re like me and work a 9 to 5 alongside being an influencer/content creator. On the days you’re running behind or low on energy, you can always go through your content and have something to post.

2. Prevents Exhaustion

Being an influencer is a full-time job. Sometimes you won’t be able to squeeze in that photoshoot on the weekend or maybe you had a pimple to pop up that you can’t control. Boom — This is where your pre-planned batch content comes into play! Choose a nice photo from your camera roll, add a caption from your notes and you’re done!

3. Include Your Influencer Friends

For me, creating content is a lot of fun and gets my creative juices flowing, but it’s even more fun when you have friends by your side who have the same agenda. Whether you guys get together downtown for a nice scenic shoot or rent out a Peer Space or Airbnb for aesthetically pleasing feels. Not only are you getting work done, but you're doing so alongside your friends!

If you’ve never batch created and test it out soon, be sure to tag me (Instagram: @TheKrystalHall and on your socials! 😉

Until next time,

Krystal Hall


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