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3 Stores I'm Loving for Summer 2018!

Updated: Feb 10, 2019

Yes, ladies! It’s summer and we want to stay cool, but still be sexy and fashionable. These stores have been my go-to’s this summer for my fashion needs and I’m going to explain why! Not only that, but these stores are all plus size friendly as well (of course!)

1. Fashion Nova

Everyone and their momma probably shops at Fashion Nova now, BUT I just can't get enough of their clothing! Fashion Nova has so much variety especially for the plus size women which is something we don’t get at many other stores! Their clothing is sexy, different, unique and sometimes versatile. Not to mention, AFFORDABLE!

2. Pretty Little Thing

All of their clothing is super cute and unique. Most pieces I see on their site I don’t see anywhere else which is one factor I love! They have bright colors for summer and they also have pieces that can be dressed up or down. Their accessories are also to die for! Sexy and chic is what I automatically think of when it comes to Pretty Little Thing. And did I mention their plus size section is bomb too?! They add new clothing pieces to their website almost daily! What's not to love about that?

3. Target

Yes honey, I said Target! They have been doing it well with some of their women’s clothing! Most of their pieces give me summer and fun vibes which is what we need! Bright colors, bold prints, unique patterns and versatile pieces. Need an outfit for a picnic or cookout? Target has it! Family outing? Target! Chilling at the pool? Target is the place to go! Their prices are also affordable. I rocked an entire outfit from Target during my birthday weekend and received so many compliments!

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