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4 Ways to Manage Low Self-Esteem

I’ve had days where I sometimes just didn’t feel worthy or good enough. I’ve had times where I thought there was no one in my corner to listen or hear my problems. Often times when I feel like this, I usually would cry alone or hide my feelings. Now that I’ve grown out of these habits, I want to show others how they can cope with low self-esteem and not feel trapped. Here are 4 solutions I used to help me.

1. Figure Out Your Personal Issues

You must figure out your personal issues in order to conquer your low self-esteem. Low self-esteem stems from having personal issues whether it’s things that have happened in your past, abandonment, bullying, relationships, or just daily life struggles. Most people tend to not know how to manage their personal issues. If the situations get worse and you remain unaware, this could ultimately lead up to indulging in irregular behavior due to stress, anxiety, and many other factors. By figuring out what your personal issues are it will help one to realize what is really weighing you down so you can get rid of any negative aspects and dead weight in your life.

2. Self-Love

One way to help better a person’s self-esteem is by learning self-love. Self-love is the concept of a person simply loving themselves for who they truly are. If a person does not love their self, how can they go on to have a happy life? It’s simply impossible to do so. Learning how to self-love will help one embrace their true selves and teach them to first love themselves promote positivity in their life. Doing this could help one’s personal issues to slowly fade away.

3. Spirituality

Many religious groups and churches can teach life values in several ways. They can both teach you the in's and out's on how to conduct yourself and how to act while expressing your feelings. For example, using religion through churches really helps some people cope with their self-esteem and issues. When people have self-esteem issues they can reach deep lows throughout their lives. Some people look to God for guidance and pray for confidence. Sermons may provide life values and lessons on self-love. The church is a community where a person with low self-esteem can seek out guidance from their pastors and/or other members of the church and create bonds. Creating bonds can help a lot when it comes to low self-esteem because it can make you feel important and loved.

4. Boost Your Self-Esteem

There are plenty of activities that can help you build your self-esteem. Activities such as writing in a journal, eating healthier, exercising, and/or any other positive attributes. By indulging in activities you enjoy, it will help you to get over any issues that are causing you to have low self-esteem. Writing in a journal definitely helps me get my thoughts out and onto paper which allows me to write out my thoughts versus not getting them out at all. Once you find an activity that you truly love and enjoy and that helps you feel better, stick with it!


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