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5 Essentials to Have This Fall/Winter

1. Fur Coats

Fur coats are so sexy and can make any outfit less boring. Literally, if you have a pair of basic jeans along with a basic tee, add a nice fur jacket on top and watch your outfit, pop! Whether your fur coat of choice is thick or thin, long or short, it is a must have in your wardrobe! From Gucci to Forever21, you are bound to find a fur jacket that you like.

2. Light Sweaters

Light sweaters are so perfect for layering, easy to throw on and they’re perfect for those days when it isn’t too cold and you don’t want to sweat to death! My favorite places to shop for light sweaters are thrift stores and Old Navy!

3. Fall Booties

Fall booties in every single color (seriously) are a must have! I have a pair in black, nude, brown and red and I’m so happy I’ve invested in every pair. Literally, booties are the perfect shoe for the fall and winter seasons. Your toes aren’t out and freezing, most booties have a block heel (which is easier to walk in) and of course they’re very versatile! What are you waiting for?! Get you a pair, girl!

4. Scarves

It doesn’t matter if you like faux fur scarves, knit scarves or silk scarves… invest in some! Scarves literally can add the finishing touch to your fall look. Whether you use them for the actual purpose of going around your neck or wearing it as a turban or hijab. You can’t go wrong!

5. Hats

My favorite fall hat is definitely a beret! I’m definitely digging those this fall. Literally, I feel like a cute gal roaming through Paris when I throw mine on! Floppy fall hats are also a go to as well. They’re great for bad hair days or days when you’re just lazy and don’t want to do your hair. Either way, they’re great essentials to have this fall!

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