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6 Tips to Starting Your Own Business

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to start your own business? Do you already have your own business and feel like you’re off to a rough start? As a business owner, I have been there and done that. Here are some basic rules and tricks I’ve used to help me.

1) Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Try to post frequently about your business on social media such as making fliers about your business or eye-catching quotes and sayings at least 2 times per day. If you find that posting that many times is too much for you, try to at least post once a day or even try apps that allow you to post automatically. This helps you to be able to draw more attention to your page and become more interactive with your followers. Not only that, but you can also use hashtags on the post and you can tag other artists that maybe interested. #PostMore!

2) Professional Pictures

Speaking of posting, you want to make sure your feed looks as professional as possible and your photos are of good quality. I always suggest a nice photoshoot or just neat looking pictures. These pictures can portray what you have to offer and good pictures of yourself so your followers can get a feel of what they’ll be buying and who the owner of the business is.

3) Giveaway Time

Do giveaways! People love free stuff or discounts! Engage with them and get them to repost a flyer that has your business or product on it and that’s how they enter the giveaway. Once they keep posting, it can bring in new followers. Use a creative and catchy hashtag so you can get others engaged and see who actually reposts and enters your giveaway.

4) Invest in Yourself

Get some business cards and mini flyers and start passing them out around your college campus, at your work place and take them EVERYWHERE you go! I leave at least 5 business cards in my 3 main purses and I also leave some in my apartment for my friends’, guests, and I put them in some local stores who allow it within my community. These may seem like small acts that don’t matter, but they all help out in the end.

5) Reach Out

Reach out to family and friends. Whether they are in your hometown, new friends you’ve met along the way or associates you see at work. Everyone will not support you and that’s okay, but you should always relay the word to each and every one because you never know who is supporting you!

6) Be Patient

When owning a business, you must know that everything takes time. When you feel your business isn’t moving as fast or it isn’t doing as good as someone else’s business, refer back to all of your hard work and dedication you have put forth thus far. Keep in mind that everyone moves at different pastes and that is perfectly fine! I try to stick to the motto, “Your business is your business.” When I feel discouraged about my business I just refer back to that quote and it truly helps!

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