Thrifty SLAY Saved The Day!

Updated: Sep 13

First and foremost, Happy New Year! I know I’m a few weeks late, but what the heck! I don’t think my lateness will matter being that we’re all just trying to escape the horror from 2020.

Any who, with the new year rolling on in, I think it’s time to spruce up our lives; not just with new eating habits and workout plans, but with a new hairdo and look! With everyone expecting to make such great changes, one of my personal changes was to invest in a new wig and I knew exactly where to go!

thriftySLAY, ran by Daquana White, has the BEST wigs chile! From the construction of the wig to the fullness of the bundles; the softness of the 7A Brazilian Human hair and the great quality it displays is so bomb! I wore my wig (click here to see!) and I loved it so much! I chose the “Pool Side” Cambodian Natural Wave Wig in the lengths 16”, 18”, and 20” with a 14” 4x4 lace closure. The wig is also constructed on a spandex dome cap that fits M to XL head sizes (this was great news for my fellow big headed sista’s) and the hair color of the wig is a natural black 1B. If you’re a versatile gal like myself then you must know that this wig can also be easily dyed. Not to mention, the hair comes already naturally curly, but it can also be straightened or curled to create a different look and/or curl pattern.

With all of this information thrown at you, I hope you’ve already opened a new tab to take a look at the wonderful wigs created by thriftySLAY!

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