Why You Need SABRE Pepper Spray!

Ladies (and gents, too), read up and tap in! I’m here to explain why you need to invest in SABRE products to help keep you safe and protected while doing your day to day activities such as running, going to the gas station at night or leaving the club to go home. It’s imperative that we protect ourselves at all times and SABRE is here to help do just that. Shall we continue?!

Well, if you didn’t already know, pepper spray or also known as oleoresin capsicum, is an inflammatory spray that causes irritation to the eyes by dilating capillaries, or in other words, momentary blindness. It’s also a non-lethal self-defense mechanism and is legal in all 50 states (although some have strict regulations). SABRE products are also affordable, so to my broke college students they have you covered!

SABRE offers many different forms of pepper spray and pepper gels to help keep you safer and more protected. My personal favorite is the 3-in-1 Pepper Spray which has a quick-release keychain attached to it for easy access. It has a 10-foot range, so you can protect yourself at a distance, without having to leave the safety of your car or be directly on your attacker. Another product they offer that truly caught my attention is the Red Pepper Gel Spray for runners. Now, I personally don’t participate in too much running (does walking count?!), but I do have friends and family who do. This high-performance pepper gel packs a lot of power and unlike standard pepper sprays, can be used at a distance of 12 feet with little to no wind blowback. It only affects your target. The attached, adjustable hand strap makes this pepper spray convenient when you're running or traveling light. Perfect, right?!

Any who, there are literally several reasons why you should have pepper spray on hand. It’s easy to use, easy to carry and could possibly save your life. Whatever your reason is, just make sure you’re doing it right with SABRE! Check out their website www.SabreRed.com for more information!