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I’m not plus-size-ish,

I’m Big, Phat and Thick.

Every time I walk by you hear a “swish

And the sweet classy sound of my heels click.

The way my thighs glide,

And the way my hips shake.

I can take a good picture from the side,

And your man will still want a second take.

“Oh, you’re pretty for a big girl” they say,

But I know haters are gonna’ hate.

I just mind my business and continue to slay,

Those comments won’t stop me from being great.

But I was born this way,

Right from between my mother’s hips.

I don’t listen to what people say,

Or take their “helpful” tips.

Unapologetic and natural.

Authentic and Real.

It’s all factual,

Because I look like a full course meal!

I must admit, sometimes it gets hectic,

But I’ll always love ME still.

I’m beautiful inside and out,

And that is one thing for sure.

It’s without a doubt,

That I’m the one everyone will always adore.

Why am I so happy and full of life?

It’s a question that they all ask.

I said it once and I’ll say it twice.

And this time I’ll even add some sass…

I WILL NOT Apologize for Being Plus Size!


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