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Inexpensive Gifts and Idea’s for Valentine’s Day

Roses are red and violets are blue, but Valentines Day is almost here and you don’t have a clue what to do!

The only thing that you do know is that you're on a budget and you're not trying to break the bank. Well, don’t fret. I'm here to give you some inspiration and idea’s so you won’t show up empty handed!

1. Homemade Gift Baskets

Homemade gift baskets are literally my favorite! You can literally do any and everything with them. From adding your persons favorite candy, products and even color-coordinate the entire basket or make it into a theme. Just pick up a basket and their favorite items, insert some confetti or stuffing, grab some clear basket wrapping and tie it up with a bow. Wa-la! You’re all done!

2. Filled Mason Jars

Grab some cheap mason jars from Dollar Tree and write up some things for your significant other. Pick a number that means a lot to the both of you or just that person, cut out that amount in slips of paper and write down different things to keep that person inspired, to make them laugh or even throwback memories that you both share! Tell them to open up a note every day until they’re all read or to take one whenever they’re feeling down! This is sure to get them emotional, but they’ll love it! You can even fill the jars with candy and add cheesy quotes!

3. Customized Pictures/Cards

Head over to your local Walmart, Walgreens or print shop and decorate a cute picture of you and your significant other and/or make it into a bomb card. It’s very easy and most places like Walmart already have cute templates for you to use. Add some balloons and maybe a gift card to their favorite place and you’re good to go!

4. “Open When” Cards/Notes

Pick up a nice container or basket that is big enough to hold cards and decorate it (unless it’s already decorated). Then grab some plain note cards and envelopes or blank decorative cards and envelopes and choose the amount you want to do. Once you do that, write encouraging words, funny memories or things you wish to do with your significant other in the cards. Seal them up and write on the outside when they should open that desired card. For example, on the outside of one card it can say, “Open when you’re feeling sad” and you can write a funny moment in the card to help them smile! Simple and easy, right?

5. Lottery Basket

Dating someone that loves playing the lotto? No biggie. Create a cute basket full of lottery tickets attached to long sticks or chopsticks and insert some decorative stuffing in the bottom to hold them up. Next, add a catchy quote or saying to the outside of the basket. An example could be, “You already won my heart!”

6. Decorative Picture + Frame + Poem

Simple as one, two, three. Go to your local store (Walmart, Target, blah blah blah) and purchase a nice picture frame (preferably an 8 x 10). Print out a nice 8 x 10 picture or whatever size you’re using. Place the picture in the picture frame and add a bow around it for a little razzle dazzle. Then, take a moment and write/type up a poem expressing your love for your significant other! I’m sure they’ll love it more than you know!

7. Homemade Photo Album

If your significant other is a picture hoarder like me then they’ll love this gift. Simply purchase a nice photo album from somewhere (Ross has nice one’s!) or make your own! If you buy one, just print and add your photo’s in the album, buy a nice card, some balloons and maybe add a teddy bear and you’re out the door. If you’re more on the creative/thoughtful side and want to make your own, buy a binder and insert clear inserters. You are then going to need some construction paper or colored paper and some markers, stickers or whatever you want to decorate around the pictures. Glue/tape the pictures and create sayings or quotes around them to make each picture as memorable as that moment once was! Once you’re done, place a bow around it and boom. Thoughtful is as thoughtful does!

8. Buy Donuts + Cheesy Quote/Saying

Head over to Krispy Kreme and buy a box of donuts! Open the top and insert your cheesy caption! They’ll love this because who doesn’t love food?!

9. At Home Self-Care Day

Honey... All you need to do is run to your local Target and grab some bath bombs, a loofah, some nice smelling candles (or tea lights!) and rose petals (real or fake). Hurry home, play some music, run the bath and decorate your bathroom to set the mood. Once your significant other has relaxed there for awhile, surprise him/her with some wine, a small charcuterie board or their favorite sweets. Once time is up, give them a massage they'll never forget! *wink* If you're not into all the gathering of items, simply pay for a massage for your person and/or pay for your ladies’ nails or pay for your man to get a haircut. They’ll feel refreshed and even better than before all because of you!

10. 5 Senses

Do you know what the 5 senses are? At this point, I would hope so. If not, I’ll remind you: itiSmell, Taste, Hear, See and Touch. Use these to your advantage! Buy 5 bags and in each bag add something that goes along with one of the senses! For instance, for taste I would add their favorite candy or food. For touch, you can use something naughty such as hand cuff’s and tell them they can’t touch you tonight! ;)


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